Ryland Horticulture

Ryland Horticulture of York are a team of dedicated and expertly trained tree surgeons, arboriculturalists & landscapers working in York and surrounding areas. Established in 1983, Ryland Horticulture Limited is, by far, the premier tree surgery, landscaper and gardening contractor in York and Yorkshire.

What do we specialise in?

Well, that is a good question? with extensive knowledge gained from years of experience in the Landscaping Garden Industry our highly skilled team design and build Landscapes of the Highest Quality. We are not only limited to landscaping but we provide areas of expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Aboricultural & Tree Surgery Services for York and surrounding areas.
  • Landscaper Contractors for York and surrounding areas.
  • Arboricultural Advisory and Consultancy Services.

Planting is a key part of the Rylands service. Whether you are looking for a small undertaking (we do many private garden landscapes and tree works), or have a large project with which you would like us to handle, please contact us today for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.