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Bristol Gardening ensures that your garden is always treated to the highest standards of gardening services. Our experts can make a difference around the outdoor area of your home. If you are looking for garden maintenance, look no further. Our gardeners take pride in their work in caring for your gardens as if they were our own.

​We cover every manner of garden maintenance services. From hedge trimming to weed termination control. Our team can help you to build a lawn and our maintenance ensures that it keeps its natural appearance. Lawn mowing, landscaping, patio cleaning or garden clearance, we handle everything to make sure our client is satisfied with the results. We also handle bespoke solutions, so if you have an idea, make sure you share it with us. We’ll come back with a solution.

Our grazing specialists are permanently at your disposal and ready to compose your project in a timely manner, establishing a comprehensive delivery schedule. We know our trade and what it takes to make sure that every aspect of the project is conceived and delivered professionally.

Business Services

Lawn Mowing

Remember when you woke up to a beautiful day and was reminded of the need to mow your lawn? Nobody likes to look at an untrimmed lawn, it seems the house owner is not that careful with it. This is no longer necessary, our team can do the job for you using the right cutting equipment. We have the experience as well as a trustworthy and motivated team to take care of the task, offering high-level services and expert advice.

Sit back and relax while Bristol Gardening does the hard work for you. We know what to do and how to do it. After the work is done it’s time to enjoy your garden with a book and your favourite drink.

Our exclusive service plans ensure that your garden is always treated with the best results. We know what it takes to care for the garden and we have developed a skill set to make your backyard shine. Our team knows what it takes to get your lawn looking extraordinary. Give us a call so we can trim your lawn and satisfy your gardening needs on a regular basis by hiring one of our service plans.

Patio Cleaning

Is your patio not the way you wanted it to be? Are the weeds showing and in need of a special touch? Call Bristol Gardening and you’ll see with your very own eyes what our team is capable of doing. We’ll have your patio looking like no other after our specialists finish. Our team is highly trained, skilled and perfectionist at what they do. Make sure you consider us when thinking of organizing your patio and leaving it to your likes. We are absolutely sure that we will be satisfied with our work.

Many people don’t enjoy cleaning patios and we understand that. For whatever reason it may be, it can be exhausting, hard on the body, take huge amounts of time or just plain, boring. If you agree to one of these reasons and you are anxious to have your patio in order and always ready, we can do the heavy work for you. Have fun with your garden parties and impress your guests when they come over to dine outdoors. Or simply have your patio looking great to make you feel happy and comfortable every time you decide to go outside. You’ll be amazed at the kind of work our team can deliver for you.

A paved patio can also be another option to enjoy your garden. We are experts in patio building. Whether it’s stone, gravel or a different solution, we can provide a unique paving design, assistance in selecting the ideal filling for space and walk you through the entire process until it’s ready and in tune with the other elements of the garden. Our team of experts are always available to propose ideas and support your project.


Everyone loves to look at a garden full of healthy and beautiful plants, flowers and even vegetables. What they sometimes don’t grasp is the effort, care, dedication, experience and time necessary to do so. Unfortunately, the reality is that homeowners would love to have a beautiful garden but simply don’t have the time or energy to care for one. There’s no need to let your garden grow wild or pave it. Letting it grow wild will reduce your visits to your lovely place and paving it does not help our environment and can increase the heat around your home during the summer.

A greater touch to your garden than many homeowners overlook. It's not always included in landscaping projects but we can assure you that featuring a wall in the project can transform the garden and increase its beauty, adding a striking element to your backyard. Walls can serve the purpose of acting as a border or encompassing an area intended for privacy, for preparing that delicious BBQ, or simply for decoration to add a special element like a sculpture, for example. Whatever the purpose may be, the Bristol Gardening team is ready to provide you with solutions that fit your needs, creating divisions and new spaces to make your garden a place to remember, to spend time and relax.

Garden Maintenance

The garden is one of the most difficult areas of the house to keep in shape and look distinguished. A backyard needs tIme, passion and experience to shape and grow. This is when we come in. Whether it’s pruning, clean-up or a total facelift, professional help makes a huge difference and offers you an efficient solution, within your budget, so you can use the free time on other activities and enjoy time in your garden when at home. Bristol Gardening can offer you assistance on a regular basis or whenever it’s needed.

​That is why people decide to call in gardening professionals. To get the right assistance without having to put in all the hard work that it takes to have a marvellous front and/or backyard, to reshape the area to make it to your appeasement. Activities such as grass cutting and leaf collection that do not require much expertise can be scheduled at a regular basis, while your garden design and spraying, which are more complex and need more time, can be part of a project which will be put into action once approved. Weed control is also essential. At Bristol Gardening we identify the nature of the problem and plan the eradication of the weed so that it doesn’t interfere with other plants always using the right equipment that ensures a job well done.

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