Garden & Landscape Design

Depending upon the scale of the project and the individual Clients, Artists impression & Colour work may be required. Artist impressions and elevations can be presented to support the 'Out-Line' Design. These may be utilized within 'Concept' meetings, especially during a large and /or complex project. These drawings have the capacity to 'bridge the gap' of reading a 'Flat Plan' view of a garden.

The colour work is extremely useful to' illuminate' the way, supporting the client in visually understanding the design. This element is flexible concerning the degree of works involved. In some cases, just a subtle addition of colour to a plan can bring a clearer view and interpretation of the design.

As the Designer, I will have lived and moved through the garden space many times. To the point where I can see the design in it's 'form' in my minds eye. The above elements have the capacity to bring greater clarity and sight of the design to the Client.