Gardeners Friend Landscapes

Since then Gardeners Friend has gone on to develop a strong reputation for creativity, attention to detail and sound workmanship. In both design and maintenance endeavours we seek to fully enhance your green space. With clear communication, dialogue and the skills + knowledge of our team we can work together for a garden you can enjoy and be proud of. Unlocking the full potential of your green space comes through having ownership of what you want to attain, dialogue around what stays the same/what needs to change, and having the support of someone who cares.

We take our inspiration from one of the most loved garden birds, the Robin, the Gardener's Friend. What characterises the Robin is that when work is going on in the garden, it is always present showing a keen interest in proceedings, encouraging and inspiring the weary gardener, but still busy at work. At gardeners friend we believe in the same approach, partnering with you for gardening success.