Goose Green Design

April is the month for blossom, tulips and showers - aplenty! My garden is full of cherry, apple, crab apple and plum blossom and exotic tulips. Also strutting their stuff are different kinds of Euphorbias with Euphorbia polychroma being the brightest star. There is a place in every garden for a Euphorbia - many of them have bright citrus green flowers with good leaves all year round. The bigger types add good structure. The shadier parts of the garden are brightened with the now fading flowers of Hellebores, graceful Solomon's seal, bergenias and the last of the pulmonarias. Hosta 'noses' are just emerging. Sumptious shiny dark red foliage with sultry raspberry red blossom. It is a stunning tree which has actually been around since that other Royal occasion in the 1950's!