Lawn Life Gardening

About us: We set Lawn Life up when we recognised the need to cater for people who have not got time to tend to their garden with today's fast pace lifestyle. Not to forget the elderly who just can't get about like they used to. More and more people love to relax in their garden, but don't have the time or energy to do the tasks such as mowing the lawn cater for the elderly and people who had a hectic lifestyle.

Lawn Life was set up by Brian Lee in May 2010. His love for gardening and the outdoors comes from his being brought up on his families farm, where they farmed Pigs and Beef (Simeon Johnson Limited), which was based in Hindley, Wigan. The Farm was forced to close in 1997 by the Highways agency who served a blight notice on the Farm. Since then Brian worked for all types of businesses ranging from Retail, Finance, Continuous Improvements, Auditing Debt Collection, Debt Collection, Tracing Missing People, Investigations, Cycle Repair, Driving etc.