I'm looking for a quote on some work to be done in Hackney, in the Jack Dunning estate. 4 areas of work: 1. Replacement of the path side fence. The fence is to be fully opaque and over 6ft. 2.8m length 2. A new fence between the concrete shed and the house. The fence to be around a meter tall with thin vertical slats and thin gaps so as to contain pets but let light through. 4.1m length 3. A new shed door frame (1.1m X 1.5m) and a solid door. This will need to have a secure locking mechanism that can't be easily damaged with bolt cutters etc. Suggest an internal key lock if possible. 4. A fence from the house to the path side fence. Same as the other low-level fence. 7.2m length. Thanks Chris

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11 May, 2024
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