Pond Liners & Garden Ponds

Pond liners are supplied either as standard size kits or in custom sizes. Both are available in a choice of PVC or more durable Butyl and Epalyn (EPDM = ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber pond liners. Our standard size pond liner kit includes a pre-cut liner plus a protective underlay of the same dimension. The pond liner kits are more cost effective versus buying each item separately. For custom designed ponds we have an interactive pond liner size calculator on our website to work-out the exact liner dimensions required.

Epalyn (EPDM) and Butyl rubber pond liners guarantee low maintenance water retention provided they are installed with a protective underlay liner. Epalyn and Butyl can also be fabricated into box-welded or tailored-to-fit liners for formal ponds. Other products supplied include Geotextile protective underlay, pond pumps, garden solar lights, rainwater butts, portable greenhouse and other accessories.